CAD design, 3D printed kit and full builds

Since our first animatronic kit back in 2006 we have strived to improve all of our designs over the years, initially using traditional clay sculpture and resin casting, we then made the move to CAD five years ago and haven't looked back.

 From simple neck movement up to a 9 channel Tank Commander we can supply a kit to suit your needs, always backed up by help and advice to walk you through the process. we have kits from 1:7 up to 1:2 scale, and virtually every size in between.


  • Help, how do I program my Pololu maestro controller?
    Below is a step by step How-To I wrote a while ago on the excellent Armortek forum...
    Basic Programming How-To
  • Can I paint my kit?
    Yes, the parts are 3D printed so can be easily painted using Acrylic paints.
  • Are spares available?
    We can produce any part separately, so if you need spare parts or just have a project that only requires certain items we can help.

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